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Start to create a plan every week with input from the family so they agree to healthier items


             *Check sales ads for deals on fruits, veggies & protein (e.g. meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, nuts)

                           Fresh, frozen & canned count (beware of sodium and/or added sugar in sauces on frozen items)


             *Take stock of food items on-hand  in the fridge, freezer, and pantry


             *Find recipes using the same ingredients in different ways to vary your meals



                            - Chicken fajita with peppers/onions, rice, shredded lettuce/tomato

                            - BBQ Grilled chicken with skewered veggies and mixed greens salad with fruit pieces

                            - Chicken cacciatore with brown rice and side salad

                               (all require chicken, onion, pepper, tomato, and lettuce but have different flavor combinations)


                          Check for recipes:

                             - on the store website under the Recipe tab or through the Eat Right for Life tab

                             - at 

                             - at


                 *Develop a 7-day menu including meals & snacks

                           Include any meals or snacks you intend to eat out to avoid excess purchases  and food waste


                 *Create grocery list with all items needed for the menu


Shop from the list with help from the kids and avoid impulse purchases not on the list


When you return home from the store, chop/prep items wherever possible

                 This saves time during the week!


Buy larger bags for cost savings but immediately pack up single-servings and throw away big containers and bags

                  Then limit to just one single serve bag at a sitting!