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Strive for small portions from all 5 food groups in your meals

and at least 2 food groups for snacks!



1. English Muffin with PB & apple slices with low-fat milk


2. Leftover veggie, egg and cheese burrito with half a grapefruit

3. Yogurt parfait (Greek style non-fat yogurt, fruit, chopped nuts, crushed whole grain cereal)



1. Skewers (grape tomatoes, meat and cheese cubes) with crackers and a peach


2. PB & banana wrap with a small salad (lettuce, chopped veg, low-fat cheese)

3. English muffin mini-pizza (with turkey pepperoni and veggies) with a fruit cup



1. Pork tenderloin with wild rice pilaf, shaved brussel sprouts and fruit skewers with yogurt dip


2. Ground turkey lasagna with mixed greens salad and baked apples

3. Vegetarian chili topped with shredded low-fat cheese, whole grain dinner roll and blueberry crisp